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Effortless Customer Self-Service: Adaptive IVR

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You might think IVR just has to be "good enough." But what if business intelligence paints a different picture? What if your IVR is just the gateway to the effortless customer care your organiza on wishes to provide? And what if it could deliver $millions back into your business? Voice self-service is the first touch-point most individuals have with an organiza on. It either facilitates a posi ve customer experience (CX), or drives customers to opt for a more costly live agent. Unfortunately, many organiza ons overlook the improvement poten al in their IVR, and generally tend to consider it a "set it and forget it" technology. You work hard to provide good customer care, and your first line of defense should reflect those efforts. Voice Self-Service Solu on Effortless Customer Self-Service Adap ve Interac ve Voice Response (IVR) Convenience reduces effort Self-service provided at the convenience of the customer means it's available in a way that matches the customer's lifestyle and preferences • Respec ng their me • Making it easy to accomplish

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