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Constituents often make sweeping judgments about government effectiveness based on personal experiences. One slow response or interruption in service can negatively influence an individual's opinion and they'll share it with others. That's why it's vital for government agencies to deliver fast, effortless, and reliable help around the clock, in any situation. In this Q&A, David Scott, Contact Solutions' Senior Director of Government Sales, explains how cloud-based interactive voice response (IVR) and digital engagement solutions make it simpler and more cost-effective to consistently meet constituent needs. Government Cloud Q&A Government Cloud Q&A: How can cloud-based solutions help government agencies elevate constituent engagement? Q. Why is it challenging for governments to operate IVR solutions? David Scott: Many government agencies run their IVR and other engagement tools in-house on complex, legacy platforms that are costly and time-consuming to maintain. They may not have enough budget or staff resources needed to stay abreast of changing technology, security threats, and regulatory requirements. This creates a three-pronged challenge. First is maintaining system reliability – the foundation of accessible constituent engagement. Whether the risk is a spike in usage that can slow down performance, or an interruption – such as a storm, fire, or outage – which can disrupt access completely, governments need to ensure vital services remain available at all times. A second major issue is scalability. As constituent populations grow, engagement solutions must be able to handle increased demand without performance degradation. Burdened agencies may not be able to scale up their infrastructure quickly enough. Thirdly, government agencies cannot be expected to be engagement technology experts. They are being pulled in many directions to manage priorities that all demand their time.

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