Gotcha: Fraud Prevention in the Contact Center

May 5, 2015

Your contact center is a target, and fraudsters are hitting their mark in an organized, sophisticated manner – usually “in secret” through your IVR, where they think no one is looking.

Fraud in the contact center…that means identity theft, account takeovers, and other fraudulent attacks to your customers and you! Taking control of fraud prevention -by thinking the way the fraudster does in the IVR- provides early detection, reduces cost, and automates processes.

Join Contact Solutions, IDology, and Pindrop Security to hear about the latest multi-layered, proactive fraud management – automated together for the IVR:

  • Automated ANI verifications tag known fraudsters right away.
  • Red Flags detect suspicious caller behavior and takes action.
  • Automated verification questions (KBA) validate callers in real time with no agent needed.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Fraud has become so prevalent that The White House issued an Executive Order on April 1 2015 declaring foreign cyber fraud threats a national emergency, stating “This authority will be used in a targeted manner against the most significant cyber threats that we face, whether they are directed against our critical infrastructure, our companies, or our citizens.”

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